Bounder is featured in this months Retro Gamer Magazine. It is a full interview regarding the game and our plans for the launch. Please go and purchase your copy today!

Interview in Commodore Format!

Thanks very much to Neil from Commodore Format for interviewing us for this article. GREMLIN’S CLASSIC BOUNDER SET FOR MOBILE RELEASE – EXCLUSIVE!

Mini C64 includes BOUNDER!

The popularity of BOUNDER keeps spanning the decades and it is to be featured in the Mini C64 release as one of best selling games of all time. Here’s more information about it: https://thec64.com/games/

Crash Magazine review from 1986

Here’s the Crash Magazine review of the Spectrum version of Bounder. We think it’s another excellent review… http://www.crashonline.org.uk/29/bounder.htm

Zzap64! Review from 1986

Here’s the full review from the best selling C64 magazine from back in the day Zzap64! http://www.zzap64.co.uk/cgi-bin/displayreview.pl?reviewid=64