We are on PS Vita Roundup!

Thank you PS Vita Roundup for this mega quick article after our announcement. Really appreciate it! http://psp2roundup.blogspot.co.uk/2018/03/retro-classic-bounder-to-bounce-on-vita.html?spref=tw

We are going Next-Gen!

We are really proud to announce that we have secured all the rights to bring Bounder to a new market for all the latest next-generation consoles such as Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PS Vita. We are looking to create a whole new Bounder game but with a Retro Twist so it will appeal to new gamers and also …

New Partners on board for Bounder!!!

We are really proud to announce that officially we have partnered with Maz Gaming (Mark Williams) and Lord Arse (Mark Howlett) with our game Bounder. They will assist us with promoting the game throughout it’s life cycle on social media platforms as well as Youtube. Welcome on board Mark and Mark! 🙂  

Goto.game Live Interview about Bounder

Oooo here it is… the live interview by Phid from Goto.game @gotogame @PhidMcAwesome for the Australian/New Zealand market. Here’s the full video! #bounder #amstrad #mobilegame #retrogaming #spectrum #c64 #comingsoon Game Dev Chat w/ Matt Riz – Swivel Creations

We’re in Vintage New and Old!

Thank you very much to @CommodoreBlog and @VintageNewOld for this press release, really is appreciated! #bounder #c64 #spectrum #amstrad #mobilegame #retrogaming #retrogame Bounder, Coming to a Mobile Near You Soon!

Press release in Randomised Gaming – Retro gaming website!

Afternoon all! We are proud to be featured in Randomised Gaming, a really good website and social media site for retro gaming. Thank you James!   #bounder #c64 #amstrad #spectrum #mobilegame #retrogaming #retrogame #2018   http://randomisedgaming.tumblr.com/post/169460956714/bounder-the-classic-1985-top-down-platform-game

Thank you for your Social Media support!

We have over 1000 followers now and regularly getting re-tweets, featured in other tweets and promotions. Thanks to everyone that is continuing to help us spread the word of Bounder Mobile! To follow us on Twitter, please visit: https://twitter.com/bounder_mobile #bounder #c64 #amstrad #spectrum #mobilegame #retrogame #retrogaming #2018release